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I’ve always admired my father. Even at his young old age, he still has his passions, his myriad talents, and his wonderful imagination. Ever since I can remember, he has been writing novels, short stories, articles, poems, plays, and taking charcoal to paper, pastels to parchment, oils to canvas. We have always enjoyed having our own private gallery of his works in our home.

Now with his present fascination with yet another medium, acrylics, he again dazzles our senses. Harold developed this new artistic technique with his unique eye for color and contrast, and his keen sense of adventure in viewing the world around us. He captures amazing images and stories in his paintings, which extend well beyond one’s initial viewing of this artist’s revolutionary work.  Harold has always been a very versatile artist with styles ranging from Realism and Traditional to Contemporary, Abstract or New Art Impressionism and Abstract Visualization. Though he has been published and has received awards throughout his lifetime (including the award from LMAGA for his "Come Into My Parlor, Said The Spider To The Fly"), the accolades he treasures most are the reactions on the faces of those who have seen his art. The paintings have a brilliant three-dimensional quality, so that each time they are viewed, one discovers something not seen before. The key is to use your imagination.

Now, in his own words…

“In CHILDREN’S PLAYLAND, it is difficult at first to spot the Alice-In-Wonderland-like girl behind the tree playing hide and seek – but she is there.

In WHEN KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER, the rush of the knights is a blur, emphasizing the hectic Age of Knighthood.

In BIRD SANCTUARY, the birds are almost unimaginable; but look further, deeper, you will see the beauty of the birds’ world as they see it.

In APPROACH TO THE SEA, you will see the chaos of debris on your way to the beach, but you will recognize it.

In SHIPWRECK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, you will feel the eerie beauty under the water, beneath the surface of the waves.

In COME INTO MY PARLOR, SAID THE SPIDER TO THE FLY, you will sense the wonder world of this strange, but delicate creature.

In OTTERS AT PLAY, you will see more of the underwater mudswirl than otters, but you will know they are there by their swiftly curling activity.

In FINISTERIE, if you look closely, you will see a nun who is torn by some agonizing sin as she clutches her rosary beads, some breaking in a cascade from her gentle hands.

When you view my paintings, I believe you see one thing at first, then looking longer and deeper, you see other things intriguing and unexpected. Each time you experience my paintings, you will always see something different - birds, animals and other exciting and strange creatures you had not initially envisioned will suddenly and magically become visible to you, and you will have a renewed appreciation of the work again and again. Back away, move closer, revisit and feel the remarkable energy that flows from every canvas – your world is curiously in your own imagination."


Harold Olov Wang was born in Rhinelander, Wisconsin on December 7, 1911 to Scandinavian immigrants, the second of 5 children and the only son. Growing up with 4 sisters during the eve of The Depression stimulated Harold’s young mind and imagination. He graduated from high school in the spring of 1930, and decided to broaden his horizons with a 10-month hitch-hiking and train-hopping trip throughout the East, West, and South that spawned dozens of articles of his fascinating adventures, which were published in the Rhinelander Daily News. This launched a passion for writing and painting which is still very much a part of Harold’s life today.

In the spring of 1942, Harold was drafted into the U.S. Army when World War II broke out. After serving four years, one of which was in occupied Germany, he was discharged, and on March 21, 1946 married a German-born citizen, Gisela von Koschembahr, whom he met and fell in love with early in his military career when she came to work for him while serving as a WAC in the U.S. Armed Forces. They ultimately went to work for the U.S. Government, started a family, and settled in Virginia, and later Maryland.

During the time that Harold was employed by several government agencies in Washington, DC, he always continued and pursued his passion for writing and art. He became an historian on Abraham Lincoln, and after his retirement in the early 1970’s, he enjoyed the freedom of being able to do extensive traveling and research for his various plays, short stories, collection of poems, and novels including “The Pantages – A Saga”.

In August, 1989, Harold and Gisela relocated to Palmdale, California. Harold continued to write and paint, but sadly, Gisela passed away on January 1, 1999 at age 84. In June of 2000, mostly to ease his grief and longing, Harold resumed his painting, and found a renewed sense of creativity and vitality. This is reflected in the paintings from his “New Dimensions” collection, which increased the number of his completed works to over 200.

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Geraldine Livingston
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